Thursday, October 1, 2009

"We've Got A Bomb"

Not much time for posting rambling words about Lost lately, I've been getting some tech training at a museum where I volunteer by day, and I've been fully engrossed in Ken Burns' "The National Parks" documentary series on PBS all this week by night. But I have been thinking about how great it was that TPTB gave us some scenes with the Hostiles in the temple-like grotto of the tunnels and taking some of the Losties there! Actually, Jack found out about Jughead before they swam to the cave, not like my liberty-taking graphic above shows, and he surprisingly believed it. He never believes anything anyone says usually, whoodathunk he'd buy that? I do have some difficulty understanding how the Hostiles moved Jughead to the grotto, I hope that we find out more about that. Maybe Smokey rolled it there, or they used Ed Leedskalnin's anti-gravity method of moving tons of coral to build a little castle garden in Florida all by himself. :-)

By the way, if these tunnels are near and/or under the barracks, that seems to be the way that Richard evaded the security of the sonic fence when he marched in and planted the torch in the quad. Alluding to this array of tunnels also lends credence to the theory that there could be a tunnel network on the island that allowed Ethan and Goodwin to get to the wreckage sites so quickly. It also helps to picture the connection to the tunnel entrance in Ben's (and formerly Horace's?) cottage and Smokey's lair. Indeed, some details are coming together a bit for us, however sketchy.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the Lost poster activities, the latest artwork of Smokey and Eko is awesome. A very good graphic for Halloween as well.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

It's funny that I've always assumed the tunnels were used by Ethan and Goodwin, but never gave it a thought that it was how Richard got through the sonic fence. The tunnels are on the BDM, they take the shape of an envelope. And on that map Sayid cadged, it has the cabling system. We can see where one ends at Horace/Ben's place and the other veers off. Assumedly this is Richard's entrance.

Capcom said...

Exactly! :-D And I love that the tunnels are shown on the BDM.

I've always entertained the thought that most of the tunnels are left-over lava tubes that riddle the island (link), and the indigenous peeps just built on them as needed to traverse the geography and/or to make their underground areas as well. Otherwise they'd have to spend a heck of a lot of time digging the things out. But then again, if they've been there for forever, they've had nothing but time to do it, haha.

The newest Lost magazine issue has an article on the set design for the pillared tunnels where Jughead was which is very helpful in understanding what the grotto tunnels were supposed to look like in total. It's difficult to see on the show since it's darkish and cave-like, but the construction is easy to see in the article and there are many columns and runes inside the tunnel. Check it out at the bookstore if you get the chance. I should have looked for some online scans of the article for this post.

pgtbeauregard said...

I had figured that's how Juliet and Ben got the the ? to spy on Jack and Co. in the Swan. They didn't come down the shaft, so immediately I thought tunnels

good post.

Capcom said...

Hi PGT! Tx! Yes, I agree with your idea about the Pearl too.

FYI, I posted some images of lava tunnels here: