Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Here We Go! -- 5.01, 5.02"

Wake up! Season 5 has begun! I should have called this post "Shock And Awe" because that's how I feel after viewing episodes 1 & 2 Wednesday night. My brain is so full that I don't even know where to begin a coherent thought. So, I figured that I'd just bullet-point my reactions and stupefication. Suffice it to say, when they said that "bad things happened", I didn't think that they were going to be this bad!

* Marvin is one very frustrated, uptight, and rude dude. He must have a massive weight on this shoulders, and he's passing it on to those underneath him. Maybe, from what we learned in the '09 ComicCon video, he can't stand the lies either like Hurley can't.
* I'm glad that we finally know what the Arrow station was for.
* Interesting that the DI knows about the energy source, but didn't seem to know about the FDW before the sonar scanned it.
* What did Dan's jumpsuit say? It's way below where the names usually are, and my VHS pause is grainy.
* I believe that Ben knows exactly what happened after Jack left, but he's just pretending to Jack that he doesn't -- maybe Jack won't want to go back if he knows it's really freaky "miracle" type stuff that will require a leap of faith.
* Dan says either the island or the Left Behinders are moving, but he says probably the LBs.
* When Dan asked if everyone is accounted for, why did they imply only Locke? Claire's not with them either. But they didn't segue to her at all after the question, only Locke.
* Obviously a lot of the drama is going to be all the obstructions to getting the O6 back to the island, I didn't really expect so much of that.
* Are the two who attacked Sayid and Hurley the other two members that Ben spoke of? If so, then, on to the next question...
* Has Sayid abandoned helping Ben out, and that's why he told Hurely to do the opposite of what Ben says and beat up the guys who might have been with Ben and the Others?
* It's very interesting that Dan studied the DI so seriously, I wonder why? Maybe just because he knew of their work somehow.
* Did Locke's leg go wonky with Boone at the drug plane site because he got shot during the time skip? That might suggest overlapping time.
* Dumb Sawyer doesn't realize that if he takes food from the Swan, it will just disappear again with the next time skip, heehee. Probably even if he eats it? :-D
* I'm very worried about Charlotte's symptoms, even thought she's not high on my "likes" list, I actually like her better than Kate.
* I hope that Dan's mother knows what to do when Dez gets to her, and I'm very glad that Dan has some kind of plan. For what, who knows.
* I liked seeing AnaLu, but I really don't care for the living dead parts of the story the way that some viewers don't care for the time travel.
* I love that Hurley's mom believed him, I thought that she would have smacked him in the head after he finished.
*Who are those British guys? Widmore's peeps? And were they a part of the DI's defense resources at the Arrow?
* I can't wait to know more about the pendulum marker that Mrs.Hawking referred to while she was doing her calculations, but I doubt that we will learn much about it.

All in all, these were two great episodes. We got more than just cryptic hints (altho we got a lot of that too) but we were treated to more insider views of the DI workings and people, Mrs Hawking and her Time Lording, and Dan was much more forthcoming about what's going on than usual. My mind is still in a whirl!


lost2010 said...

On the other hand, if the food Sawyre eats is going to disappear when he jumps. . .. wouldn't the bullet in Locke's leg have stayed behind? Riddles wrapped in enigmas. . .

But a lot of fun to ponder.

Capcom said...

To true! Hmmmmm. Apparently some props can move and some can't. :o)

lost2010 said...

Sorry, didn't mean to sound flippant. I just wondered how they determine which props are going to be able to move and which ones don't. Did somebody have to be touching it when they jumped for it to go with them? Like the zodiac - several of them were sitting on it and it came along. . .and somehow Frogurt's extra shirt made it. . .but obviously some things don't. There must be some pattern to it. . .

Capcom said...

Oh no, you didn't sound like that! I thought it was funny. :-)

Yeah, what about Frogurt's extra shirt??? Good catch! Maybe he had a backpack somewhere like Dan's? Besides a list of questions and answers, we need a list of inconsistencies to solve as well!

pgtbeauregard said...

Good post Capcom! Though, I like Kate better than Charlotte.

I can't believe Sawyer just forgot about Claire - a flaw in writing perhaps?

A couple of things:

I believe Sun and Ben ARE working together. Daniel is somehow not such a good guy after all. When Ben says that Widmore changed the rules, he was talking about time travel, not the rules of combat.

Great epi.

Capcom said...

Tx PGT! Oh no, I hope that Dan is an OK guy. We know that he gets derailed from common courtesies when he's on a role with concentrating on the science, but I hope that he's not evil in the Lost sense of the word!

It would be interesting if Sun had a plan to use Widmore against Ben, and Ben against Widmore, to get the most leverage to go back to see if Jin was still alive. She could tell each of them that she's on his side, and use info from them both to get what she needs. You'd kind of have to do that anyway, since Wid and Ben are always blaming the other guy for everything that goes wrong, who could she believe?! :-)

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Re: Claire. That day, the day the O6 left, was full of events. Even though I'm assuming Claire is dead, I think only Locke was mentioned because Sawyer was only FOR CERTAIN Locke was still around.

To explain Ms. Hawking's device, its easier to look up FOCCAULT'S PENDULUM by Umberto Eco. Faraday probably sleeps with that book :) A regular pendulum cannot move the way Hawking's did. Did anyone notice (it took my twice) to see her computer map, it seemed the Island was off the coast of Florida at one point. Also, the Dharma logo on that computer looks different.

I'm curious about the time jumps, i.e., will Ethan have remembered Locke? Obviously Alpert does, yet he is aware of a time when he WON'T know Locke. And when Locke was shot, it might be that "my leg is hurt, Boone" type of anamoly, but I'm thinking it more paralleled a man falling to earth.

Nice to see everyone again. See you on The Island.

Capcom said...

Good points Wayne! Yeah, I thought about the ambiguousness of Claire's living state being the reason too, but the simple way that Dan put it, Claire could fall under not "accounted for". As far as Sawyer knew, she just walked off into the woods. But I'm clueless here. :o)

I like Umberto Eco, I've never heard of that book. Mrs.H's pendulum reminds me of those Zen pendulums that you an get that track patterns in the sand underneath them. Each time it swings down, it makes a mark Like Mrs.H's chalked mark. It could be in tune with the earth, I've seen pendulum's like that at science museums, I'll have to look that up. But check out my post on Mrs.H's computer screen on my Lost Science blog. There is a vortex near FL.

Yes, who knows who and who remembers what is totally a jumble in my head right now. I hope that TPTB have got that solidly laid down and it won't be just one of those things that don't get resolved. :-o

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

What I meant re: Claire is that so much crap happened that last day or so, no one but Juliet might've realized Claire wasn't accounted for, but whereas Sawyer might've assumed she went back to the beach, Juliet might've assumed she was on the chopper. A lot of stuff went down in just a few hours.

Yes, I know of the Zen pendulum, because any real pendulum rotates just as the Earth does, so its like a metronome, it won't shift its arc.

The pacing of the show, time jumps and all, worked well so far. I'm hoping it continues to patch up the viewer's questions (Claire, et. al), and that we get a ream of info when Locke gives the compass to Richard.

I'll check the Science blog now. Thx.

Capcom said...

True, everyone (but Locke) could be assuming that Claire is with one of the other groups! X-D

skweeds said...

Good post, saw your post on Charles (ofredearth)'s blog... anyway, you should elaborate on some of your acronyms! I'm a bit confused here! But anyway... you live in TN, i just moved to Knoxville... Are you around here? I need to find some LOST buddies nearby.

Capcom said...

Tx Skweeds and welcome! LOL, sorry about the acronyms, Lost blogs should probably have legends for acronyms on them. :-). Over at The Lost Community (TLC) we are calling Juliet, Sawyer, the Left Behinders, and then just the LBs for short. FDW is Frozen Donkey Wheel. DI is Dharma Initiative. You should come on over to TLC too and chat with us, it's a very friendly place, no one calls anyone stupid for their ideas or theories (we even have a birthday list!):

Yes, I'm in Knoxville, just moved here in 2006. I haven't made any "real world" friends outside family yet here, but I have tons of online friends now in the mean time to keep me company. :-)

Ellen said...

Don't know if you guys noticed or not, but regarding Frogurt's shirt;
He was wearing the extra shirt over his T-shirt when he was sitting in the Zodiac. He must have taken it off when they got back to the beach after the flash...

Capcom said...

Hmmmmmm. Interesting Ellen. :-)