Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Dan's In The Jungle Room Too"

Professor Faraday has a very nice promo shot on the 'Pier 1' set as well. There are two, and this is the better one I think. A lot has been joked about Dan's apparel, especially the ever-present tie. I worked with scientists for 27 years at IBM, and I can vouch for the fact that some of the most hard-core scientists still dress like this every day (although they start the day with their shirt tucked in) and remain in their ties no matter what kind of equipment maintenance mess they may get into during the day. They don't all do that, but the kooky ones like Dan do. The Hitachi service engineers who fix our scanning electron microscopes always remain that way too (very classy bunch!). Although aside from the hiking boots you could say that Dan looks more like an engineer from the 1960s (and probably should take his tie off in the jungle), and today's rocket scientists are more the Dockers type. ;-)

I found the promos of Jeremy Davies at this nice fan site here: http://www.jeremydavies.net/


lost2010 said...

You think that set has anything to do with the show or it's just a nice set?

Capcom said...

I'm wondering that too! Especially since out the window in Ben's shot looks to be a snowy mountain scene, unless I'm wrong and it's just very sunlit hills. But it looks like icicles hanging from the top of the window kind of too, heheh.

Behind Dan looks more verdant, and also a different scene maybe.

My mind always runs away on its own when I get just a little visual info, so I'm probably totally wrong.

pgtbeauregard said...


I grew up in the sixties with an engineering father, and two brothers who are engineers - it's all true, my father looked like that a lot!!!

Love your image of the day

Capcom said...

Tx PGT! :-)

Yeah, my dad too! The only thing Dan is missing is the plastic tech-logo pocket protector (which as you know back then was an accessory of honor, not a nerdy thing like today!). :-D

pgtbeauregard said...

Totally forgot about the plastic protector - dad had one too.

Engineers are a funny breed, so I really kinda of like Dan.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hey, guys. I've been staying promo-free but for that last post Capcom had of Ben. I immediately looked at the backgrounds on both pieces, DC Comics has gotten to doing double-page spreads made to represent the next six months worth of various storylines, and even the slightest shadow would provide a clue. I'd like to see one or two more, then try and figure them out.

Capcom said...

Me too, PGT, I've got a special place in my heart for them. :-)

Interesting Wayne! I don't know where those promo pix came from originally, I nicked them off of two separate sites. I will try and look around for more of them!