Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"A Fox Network Idea For Lost And ABC"

People who watch Fox's new series "Fringe" may have noticed that the show spends less time on advertisement breaks than most shows. I thought that this was just supposed to be the procedure for the Pilot, but it seems to be carrying on for the rest of the season.


Excluding the mini-recap that precedes each Lost episode, according to my VCR, most Lost episodes run about 33-36 minutes on the average. This last Fringe episode ran for almost 48 minutes, while the ad breaks are quick (60-90 seconds) and few. It would be nice if J.J. and company could convince ABC to allow them to follow the same guidelines with Lost, that they can over on Fox with their new series. Considering all the mysteries and questions that we would collectively like (read: need!) to see satisfied in the final two seasons of Lost, 10-12 more minutes per episode would really help to facilitate that. Right? :-)


maven said...

From your lips to TPTB's ears!

And I really like how Fringe puts up the notice how long the break is!

Capcom said...

Me too, I can channel surf during the break and be back in time to un-pause the recorder! :-D

pgtbeauregard said...

You're right about that Capcom. What with a shortened season 4, tptb ought to at least try!!

Capcom said...

Yes, and, since we're only getting 16 eps per season now instead of 24 like before.

pgtbeauregard said...

Is it me, or does it seem as though everyone (involved with the show) is losing interest in it?

I saw a piece where Evangeline Lilly talked about being held prisoner on the Alcatraz called Oahu. Matthew Fox can't wait to move to Oregon, and there are other snipey comments out there from cast and crew.

Perhaps the novelty of being famous, making money, and living in an island paradise has worn off.

Hope not!!

We still love the show, and the mystery. I remember the naiveness of the first season, when I thought the others were the biggest myetery of all!! Now, I can't wait to see what happens with Daniel and Miles ( I think his character is awesome)

Not that this has much to do with the length of the commercials, but I hope the writers keep up the quality!!!!

Capcom said...

Interesting, PGT! I hardly ever read the interviews with the cast, so I hadn't seen that. Isn't it funny how actors so often bite the hand that gave them their first popularity? They'd better not take the David Caruso attitude, or they might not be working for a long time after they leave.

I'll bet a lot of people who are down and out in some hell-hole would like to be "held" on Oahu. I'll have to check out what they are saying now, maybe the articles are on DarkUFO so I don't have to go to the magazine stand and sit there in the bookstore cafe while I read them. :o)

pgtbeauregard said...

I just love your image of Jin and Michael - too funny!!

I did hear an interview w/Rebecca Mader, and she's all how she loves the show, and can't believe she's actually in Oahu filming and with all the fun people.

That made me year for S1 interviews. Oh well, just give us more time and we'll be really happy!! :)

fyi, it's fun to read the magazine in the bookstore!

Capcom said...

That's nice that Mader is at the stage where she appreciates it still. I bet that some of the other minor actors still do too. Is it just the ones who are the biggest stars of the show who are tired of it? And us poor Joes have to keep our jobs for decades! :-p

Yeah, I actually do like to read magazines and sip cappuccino in the bookstore, it's relaxing. :o)

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Don't forget that when people give interviews some quotes get put in the interview as a con even if there was a pro somewhere else in the interview. Get's others talking and that specific reporter maybe gets another shot at reporting again. Most of the interviews (in, say LOST magazine) are freelance, I can tell you from my own experience. You have to make them memorable. I'm sure Fox is wistful about Oregon, but the article twists it. I recall reading articles where Claire was being written out of the show because Emilie de Ravin was impossible to work with. I ignore most comments unless they are similar to those of--as Capcom brought up--David Caruso.

I watch a lot of shows on Hulu now, and wasn't aware the commercial countdown was on TV as well. But you figure, every extra commercial on LOST pays part of Fox's $225,00 an episode gig (never mind the, ah, others). Not fair to us, but TV was never fair to the viewers. The Powers That Be in this case is ABC/Disney.

No one has any Lost theories floating around?

Capcom said...

Very true about the provocative spin that is put on interviews, Wayne!

LOL about the new contracts and pay really needing the ads now.