Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Trellis Confrontation 4.13"

For some reason, this scene...

...reminded me of this scene.
I know, they are not really the same atmosphere or story momentum. But as Jack and John were having their 999th spat at the Orchid trellis, O-Ren and Bea battling at the House of Blue Leaves snow garden trellis just popped into my mind. And it did look as if the top of Jack's head was going to blow off as he watched Ben and Locke descend into the earth in cahoots together!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

So instead of KILL BILL, we get KILL BEN? A lot of people have complained that we didn't get to see much of The Orchid, but I blame that on the truncated season. Aside from the innards of the place, I would have loved to see what's at the top of that staircase near the flowers Locke couldn't find. I was thinking on how Ben and Locke have become like George and Lenny in OF MICE AND MEN, a book Sawyer was reading awhile back. Then I thought of the line Lenny kept saying over and over again: "Tell me about the rabbits, George."

WV: lgzsngcy. OK, fun's over already!!!!!

Capcom said...

Heheh, right Wayne! I know, I would have liked to see more of that too. It's funny how Locke has gone from one phony-facade of a greenhouse to another. :-o