Monday, June 16, 2008

"LOST Science Blog"

I've decided to keep the LOST science talk in another area for the most part, so I started: to try out keeping a separate forum for it. I'm just going to post all our favorite theories, images, and conspiracies that people have posted in the LOST blogosphere, in case anyone is interested in seeing it compiled. Some are so good that they deserve to get more recognition and notice. They might be on the mark or not, but I'll post them as I find them, in abbreviated form with links. It's just something to try through the duration of the hiatus, and mostly wishful thinking that over the summer people will start unraveling ideas about what we saw happen to the island...especially after Octagon Recruiting kicks in! :-D


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

OK. See you over there.

Capcom said...

Let me know if you find info that should go up there. I'm going to go through Bigmouth's old posts to find his major science theories.

I hope that we get some juicy para-science in this year's ARG too, like in TLE-1.