Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Sentimental Airlines"

No new babbling thoughts here today folks. I thought that I'd just pass on some new music that I found that would go well with LOST. Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs has released a new solo album which is very good. A few songs work within the LOST theme of a jet full of fractured people who embarked on a fractured journey.

The best LOST related song is "Sentimental Airlines":

Nothing's gonna change
You just sit there strained
Sentimental Airlines leaves into the blue
Staring at the sun
Dry behind the tears
Under pale and dreamless skies
Sta-pressed and screwed
That last straw bent my back
We're beat and bullied till we crack
I give in lets pretend that we're all angels in the end
I'm not gonna crack
Disappointed yet
Drip fed with a sense of doubt high wired and frail
Fake behind the smile that put me on my knees
I don't have the faith to please brain dead and clean
That last straw bent my back we're beat and bullied till we crack
I give in lets pretend that we're all angels in the end
I give in

Another song, "Broken Aeroplanes" has an appropriate part as well with LOST themes (being broken, light/shadow (black/white), time, bad communication, etc.):

We're broken aeroplanes on the runway
Never leaving going no place
You're like a shadow in the light of day
Fading away with every tick of time that passes
The sweetest words have gone now we don't talk
What do we say when every promise made is broken...
We're all of us ghosts we're lost but we're not counted out yet

The first track "Good Days Bad Days" has a theme of taking back everything one did in life such as in the words:

I want to unfly every crow unwind every mile
Undo everything that I've done...
I want to unread every book that my eyes laid on
Unsay everything I've said...
I want to unsew every seam unwind every clock
unbreath every breath I've made...

It's a nice album. Sounds like slow Furs, Floyd-ish guitars in places, and thoughtful spaciness. Butler's Myspace page with some songs on it is: http://www.myspace.com/richardbutlermusic
OK, so I guess that I did babble on today after all. :-)


Ange said...

I do this all the time...hear a song, read something etc. that I can apply to Lost. The lyrics are great. I love it when people are passionate about something enough to share it. So...THANKS!

capcom said...

Thanks Ange. Especially with LOST, it's easy to do that. TPTB have put so many aspects of the human condition, and the needs of the individual soul, into the show that makes it so compelling you can't help but see it all around. Not to mention turning us into Sherlock Holmeses, finding clues in everything we see around us. :o)