Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"Godspeed STS-118!"

The latest Shuttle mission has just taken off in the Endeavor orbiter, with a crew including Barbara Morgan, the back-up teacher to Christa McAuliffe of the ill-fated Challenger mission. So her dream of being a teacher in space has finally come true.

Let's keep the mission in our prayers for a fantastic flight and safe return! For more info on the mission see:

You can also watch the mission unfold (kind of like watching paint dry sometimes, haha) by watching NASA TV at:


memphish said...

I've heard a few interviews with the teacher in space about how she got into the program and what all she's done for NASA. I hope she has a great time and that they return safely home.

Ange said...

Thank-you for blogging this Capcom.

capcom said...

That's true Memphish, I just saw someone on NASA TV saying that she would be there every day of work till after 12 midnight working on her projects. It's good to see dedicated people reaching their goals! That's what the American Dream is all about.

Thanks Ange! :-)

Well I'm waiting for my sister and her family to pick me up for a beach vacation, and I am thinking how I am seriously going to miss my LoCo friends while I am gone with no internet! See y'all when I get back.