Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"What The...?"

This shirt was spotted on the Cafepress Lost-TV merchandise page. I'm curious, who makes up the logos and such for the LOST products on this site, ABC? I'm just asking, because it's rather funny if I think of it in terms of how I feel about S6. I know about what the glyphs are suppose to mean, and this logo doesn't really fall in line with that and could mean something entirely else from a more negative perspective. I'm not trying to be mean or snarky, I'm just snickering to myself about it.


Greg Tramel said...

looks like abc is admitting their bellyflop

Capcom said...

Looks like it? :-o

Capcom said...

BTW, if this is what it looks like, I disagree with whomever designed it that Lost was an epic fail. IMO it was a huge success, up until a certain point for me. Just want to make that clear in case anyone thinks that I thought it was a failure all the way through, I don't at all.

SG_Tess said...

Hey Capcom
I don't know much about Cafe Express but Lisa probably does.I always assumed that people who make their own merchandise sold it at Cafe Express. The T shirt was based the tv show Lost and that's what section it was being sold in. I don't think ABC has anything to do with it. I know there are certain rules to follow like they can't use offical logos or actors faces etc. I'm thinking this is just one person's opinion on the show.

SG_Tess said...

Oh BTW I don't know if you know about me changing my screen name. I started with Tess but would forget to sign my old name until people got use to it. So now I'm using SG_Tess so maybe it won't be as confusing.
Lovin' your avi.

Capcom said...

OK, I see that even tho I have the comment approval turned on, it's not working properly for this post, even though it did for the last one. Damspam.

Anyway, Hi SG/Tess! It did take a while for me to get used to your new handle, but I am remembering now. :-)

Very interesting about Cafepress, tx. I thought that I had heard that anyone could make a request, and it makes sense that as long as it's got no official logo involved that it would pass. Even tho I feel the way I do about S6, that's a mean T-logo to make.

Tx on the avi. I felt that HAL9000(the 'male' computer) gets all the attention and that SAL9000 (the female) never gets any, so I made one up with her on it. I like your logo too.

Capcom said...

I get it now.

The Lost Goose said...

Hi Capcom,

You might enjoy reading the Lost Encyclopedia. Contains a lot of back story that is really interesting and helps put alot of dots together, in my mind at least. I know you probably don't want to revisit Lost, and its the last thing you're probably interested in, but I still thought it might be relevant to let you know about it. I'm not sure why the writers would leave some things ambiguous in the show, but then go onto explain them in an Encyclopedia, but there you go. An example of what I'm talking about - the Smoke Monster is actually a combination of the MIB and an evil malevolent force that acts in opposition to the light; Widmore ordered the Purge etc. etc.

Takes a Village said...

Happy Birthday Capcom (a little late)

Capcom said...

Aw, thanks Village! :-)

Thanks Goose, I think that I will check it out, what you describe sounds very intriguing. I saw that the book is published by DK, and they are the best descriptive books around, IMO, so it must be good. I also wonder what is the purpose of the split in the access to the story between media. I mean, I get that right now it is very trendy to do so, but in the future if someone is watching the show, like in 'The Time Machine' movie, on the spinning rings but all the books have been left to turn to dust, those people will miss out on a lot of the meaningful content which is a shame. :o)

I have forgotten to check back here in quite a while, so thanks for posting friends! Miss you all!

SG_Tess said...

Hey Capcom
I don't know if you still check in on your blog here anymore but want to stop by and say hi.

I was bored and was looking around at all my Lostie friends blogs, and decided to look at mine. I noticed you left several comments back in June thanks for coming by and commenting.

I really miss talking with all my LoCo friends. Hope your Thanksgivng was nice and Happy belated birthday. (really belated ;) ) Hope you have a nice Christmas.

Capcom said...

Hi SG! Yes, I to sadly look around on my favorite Lost blogs a couple times a month, but there's not much to talk about now. Well, at least we can still talk via FB, altho I still haven't figured out everyone's real names vs their blog names yet. I really do miss our getting together weekly. Maybe when The Event starts back up soon it will get more talkative on Zort's blog. Altho I haven't been over there since before Thanksgiving. Thanks for the B-day wishes! I hope that you had a great holiday season as well!

BTW, Goose and Village, in case you check back, are you on Facebook?

Cafe said...

Hello Capcom,

My name is Chris and I work at CafePress. I'm a little late but I would love to get in touch with you regarding that t-shirt (or any other goodies on our website).

Send an e-mail to me at cyee [at] cafepress [dot] com.

Happy Tuesday! :)


Chris Yee

The Lost Goose said...

Hi Capcom, Loose Goose here, its been one year since the finale and every now and then I still think back to this amazing show. I noticed at the bottom of this post you asked for my facebook? I am Steven Luce and you can friend me if you want. Make sure in the message you tell me who you are, otherwise I will probably think you are a random person who I don't know