Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Jack Says I'm Not A True Lost Fan?"

Well, the other night I landed on the Jimmy Kimmel show as I perused the TV channels, and Kimmel was interviewing Matt Fox. Of course they brought up the finale, and waxed on about who did and didn't like it, and why. Seeming to grope for the politest way to word it, Fox agreed with Kimmel that the casual viewers were probably the ones who didn't like the way the series ended, and that he felt that the regular viewers got it. He also mentioned something about how possibly the viewers who wanted answers were unsatisfied with 'The End', and then went into the lame squawk that Chris Carter gave us after the X-Files ended so badly, about how life doesn't give answers so neither did the show. Raspberries. I'm tired of hearing that excuse when TV writers seem to pen themselves into inescapable corners with their overly complicated stories, that they don't seem to be able to get out of smoothly. IMO, of course.

So Matt, sorry, but in my case you're talking out of yer butt. I was a hard core Lost fan, watched every episode many times, spent far too much money on Lost merchandise and way too much time writing two Lost blogs, and in no way can I be categorized as a casual viewer. Just the 9000 Lost related bookmarks on my computer alone would bear that out. I'm trying very hard not to get all sad and belligerent about my gut reaction to 'The End', but if I keep hearing comments like this one about fans who didn't feel completely comfortable with the finale, it's not going to be easy. I'm also tired of seeing viewers who are on the fence about the finale being categorized as mere answer-seekers only. So I'd like to make it clear...I would have liked to have seen some aspects of the deeper (and supposedly important) island mysteries get some completion, but even if those parts had been satisfied for me, I still might feel unfulfilled about the way the show ended, jumping across time into heaven. It's not an either/or deal with 'The Answers' here, so let's not categorize it that way. Lost was far too complicated of a story to lump its intelligent and dedicated fans' opinions into such a one-dimensional analysis.

I found the interview, let me know if I'm over-reacting (I'm sure that I am):


Sayid'sgirl said...

Hi Capcom
It's been awhile. I actually seen that show. It didn't surprise me what Fox said. I think that's the line everyone is expected to take. Meaning actors writers etc. Seems that's the pat answer.

So no, I don't think you're over reacting at all and agree with everything you said.
I don't normally get caught up in tv programing like I did with Lost. And probably wouldn't have if it hadn't been for the TLE ARG. Through which I found the Lost Community and so many view points to discuss. I'll always be glad for the community aspect of it. The finale and season 6 as a whole not so much. They should have quit while they were ahead at the end of season 5.

Capcom said...

Hi SG! Very good points, I agree.

I just read Fishbiscuitland's finale recap last night, and agree with everything she(?) wrote, except for the snarky personal stuff that I don't like. But the points about Lost and the writers was spot on IMHO. I also agree with the reviews she quoted that S6 kind of ruined rewatching the early seasons for me, for the time being, but I hope that feeling will go away with time and I can enjoy those seasons just for their own fun, and the memories of the Lost Community like you said. Oh what fun we had! Even if it did all turn out to mean not-so-much in the end for some of us, we still have our TLC.


Capcom said...

P.S. I agree with what you said about what the lost peeps are expected to say about the finale. It just bugs me that viewers who were not satisfied with it are lumped into the two categories of non-fans, or answer-nut-fans. It would be much more diplomatic, and less insulting to Lost fans' intelligence, to say that TPTB understand if the finale was not everyone's cup of tea, and hopefully they'll come around to seeing their vision of it. Oh well.

Sayid'sgirl said...

At this point I don't think they're interested in being diplomatic. I think they're only I interested in preserving their idea of the "legacy" of Lost.

You are absolutely right there are more than two groups, casual viewer and answer seeker. There's the group that don't like sideways jump into heaven. And if you stop and think about if there wasn't much going on, on the island either. And it's not so much they died and went to heaven as it is the way they did it.

Capcom said...

Yep. :-p

Haidée said...

cool blog didnt realize lost was still on :)

The Lost Goose said...

No you're not overreacting Capcom. Even though, as you know, we have different opinions about the finale (I enjoyed it), I do find people that reduce complex issues into simple good/bad binary choices are frustrating. While I deeply respect Damon and Carlton, I do object to the way they tried to create a kind of "wedge politics" in the fan base by their statements that the show was about the characters and not about answers/mythology. I feel that's a silly statement. Could you imagine Shakespeare, Dickens or Dostoevsky saying such a thing? A work of narrative art is about creating both compelling ideas/mythologies and engaging characters. You shouldn't have to feel like you should choose between both. I enjoyed the finale but have reservations about Season 6. I thought Across the Sea was rushed and could have been substantially improved. I thought many of the answers to things like the Whispers and the Numbers were flippant and lacking in eloquence and intelligence. That being said, after a rewatch and a bit of effort, alot of intelligent conversation and dialogue with other fans, I've pretty well worked my way towards a satisfying place where I have my own answers and theories and am happy to let go, grateful for an awesome time and have made some wonderful friends. Does that mean people who aren't at that place, simply don't get it? Hell no. I think if I was into this show because I expected an intelligent, ingenious, science fiction type explanation of things, then I would be disappointed by all the spiritual "bruha"; and I respect that. But I like spiritual themes, and I like a bit of ambiguity in things, so I enjoyed Lost and the finale. Peace out.

Capcom said...

Excellent thoughts Goose! I agree with your analysis.

I also enjoy spiritual aspects in a story, and don't mind some ambiguousness (is that a word?!). I even like stories that end with a sort of "the end...or is it?" angle, if it's done well. That's why I am also annoyed with myself as much as TPTB, that I didn't enjoy The End, and season 6. But I think part of it must be due to what you mention, about the rushed and flippant feeling of numerous details in S6, that lacked an elegance of literary crafting that could have (and should have) been there.

If TPTB thought that those of us who were intellectually invested in the delicious mysteries of the story that were woven in, merely wanted some quickie answers thrown to us like fishbiscuits (like with the Epilogue in the DVD IMHO), they seriously underestimated many of us. Oh well.

lost2010 said...

I don't think I'd have minded 'The End' so much if they'd thrown in a quick montage of how the rest of them died. I mean, at some point, when Christian is going into 'Some died before you and some after', it just seemed like there was room for a quick montage of Hurley handing over the cup to someone new, Kate dying old and gray with Aaron holding her hand, Sawyer getting hit by a car. . .you know, whatever it was TPTB saw happening to them. .. it would have taken 30 seconds tops.

I was definitely a character-fan and even I was left sort of disappointed with the ending. :)

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

Hey Capcom!

I did check out the post at Fishbiscuitland. Personally, I found it needlessly snarky and mean-spirited. The entire holier than thou attitude of "you're an easily led sheep if you liked the last season of the show" is just stupid and unnecessary. Likewise the comments about people who didn't like the finale somehow not being "true fans," whatever the hell that means.

I've found most of the online chatter about LOST to be tiresome and silly, with people screaming their opinions at each other. In fact, that seems to be most of the internet in general. I retired the LOST blog because I don't want to contribute to that kind of culture anymore. I know how I felt about LOST, and I don't need to share it with countless anonymous people.

That being said, I just wanted to say hi and drop a line. I really did enjoy meeting the people I met through our love of LOST. Sure, we don't all agree on the show, but we never did anyway, and besides that was never the point. Hope you're well, Capcom. Take care!

The Lost Goose said...

Hey Capcom,

Just remember that in purgatory we will all get to see the version of Lost that will truly satisfy us. You might even get a hug from Matthew Fox. Hang on Commander!


Loose Goose

Capcom said...

Hey Friends, thanks for stopping by again! Sorry it took me so long to figure out how to approve the posts, I'm really trying to avoid the spammers that get smarter all the time, so I turned that on.

I like your ideas Lost2010, especially about the hand-over. I was looking for more character-oriented endings too, not just quicky halos and wings and things.

Hey PAA! Yes, Fish does go off on the personal attacks a bit too much for my liking, that's not necessary IMHO, but she does have a way with the turn of the word. I enjoyed your posts PAA, and I feel the same as you, no need to hash it out with strangers online when we've got our big enough global circle of Lost pals where we can agree to disagree if needed in a friendly fashion.

Heheh, very funny Goose. I'm looking forward to my Purgatory version then, in that case. I'll take Faraday or Desmond though, they seem as if they'd appreciate an eccentric gal like me more than Jack.

forkishe said...

I watch Lost.....but often missed a several episodes from AXN Beyond. This blog is so serious and nice :D