Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Happy Hanukkah Lost Friends"

Since all the ancient Eastern and Mediterranean religious symbols have been turning up on the island, I for one have been looking forward to the inclusion of some early Hebrew artifacts for us to study. I don't know much at all about Jewish history, but for what I learned in Sunday school in the Old Testament that always fascinated me. So I made up my own bit of artifact for the island, above. And in light of the recent reveal (show-canon or not, we don't know yet) of a new part of (or whole) tapestry included in the special DHARMA version of the Season 5 DVD, I looked for a tapestry of Jewish history for the season as well. It's not specifically for Hanukkah, but it looks very interesting.

Also found online was a nice piece of historical artifact from the Holy Land that would look good accompanying the other religious accouterments in the island temple area. Happy Hanukkah everyone. :-)


maven said...

Lovely post, Capcom! One would think that one of the indigenous inhabitants of the island would have been Jewish! LOL

Happy Hanukkah to all Losties who light the 8 candles!

Capcom said...

Tx Maven! Yes, especially considering how the Israelites were unfortunately assimilated so many times by the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, etc., they should be in there somewhere in the island archives like the rest of them.

Have a great holiday season! Leonard Nimoy was on my NPR station last night doing Hanukkah readings but I forgot to listen, boohoo. Maybe it's already on CD, I have to check, he does a lot of reading recordings like that.