Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Anthurium Redux - FWIW"

Back in May after "There's No Place Like Home" aired, I tried to find some info on the meanings of the flower used as a directional signpost to the secret hatch in the Orchid Station. I didn't find much except, "...two Victorian meanings in anthurium-giving; either hospitality or intense attraction." I didn't put much importance on either symbolic intention, even though we were given the flashback of Ben's possessive feelings for Juliet.

Then today I was reading a book that I bought because I'm going to begin drawing and taking photos of stone statues soon. The book is, "Stories in Stone: A Field Guide to Cemetery Symbolism and Iconography." Under Anthurium, it says: "Although there is not a lot of symbolism attached to the anthurium, it is often used to decorate graves in Hawaii...a gift of an anthurium from a man to a woman is supposed to signify his enormous attraction to her, for reasons that do not need to be explained."

I doubt that TPTB purposely put this plant in the show to point to Ben's seemingly unhealthy affection for Juliet, but I thought that it was interesting just the same to imagine Ben nurturing this plant that held the meaning of the feelings that he obviously felt for her. Considering that Juliet was so clueless as to Ben's affections (even though others seemed to notice) and the way he insisted that she should have known as they stood over Goodwin's corpse, "reasons that do not need to be explained", took on some interesting meaning in distant hindsight. Just sayin'. :-)


memphish said...

Interesting Capcom. I'm not sure if it really means anything or it's just a flower that is easily found in Hawaii and shows up well on TV.

Happy New Year!

Capcom said...

Yeah, I'm sure that TPTB just picked the most profusely available plastic flower in Hawaii to put in the greenhouse. :o) And it just so happens that it fills an odd symbolic niche in the strange saga of Ben.

Happy New Year to you too!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hey, Capcom. I kinda thought that flower was chosen just because it is so blindingly colorful, but it is interesting about the grave thing. Good luck on your project!

Capcom said...

LOL. And thanks! I may begin with drawing that statue in the photo that you took that's on your blog.

Another funny thing in this book is, under the chapter of symbols and abbreviations for Secret Societies, it lists the "Supreme Order of the White Rabbits", which would be good for Dharma-ites. :-)

lost2010 said...

I was just glad that Locke didn't know what they were either. . .I guess he didn't get around to Hawaiian flowers in his studies.

Capcom said...

LOL, true, probably not a part of the wildlife on a walkabout in Oz. :-)

pgtbeauregard said...


I have just watched my S4 dvds. One of my favorite lines is when Ben says "couldn't find the anthurium?" And Locke "I didn't know what they looked like".

Ben truly has the greatest lines in S4.

Capcom said...

I totally agree, PGT! It's almost as if Ben plays the 'straightman' and the 'funnyman' parts of a comic team, because he gets the lines for both sides. X-D

M.E. is super talented.