Friday, November 14, 2008

"Neat Things"


I normally don't post the updates that can be found elsewhere, but I really like this ad for the Sky channels that was posted on DarkUFO.

I guess that new Lego Lost characters will be released soon. Just in time for Christmas I suppose. Pretty neat, but I wonder why Sayid's "chest" is more pronounced than Kate's. :o) Info on DarkUFO seems to imply that New DI Recruits can get a discount with their DWY cards.


maven said...

I saw that promo earlier...very strange.

I also ordered one of those Kubricks online already (The polar bear with the Swan logo on it). I'm thinking of attending the Wed., Nov. 19th, event!

lost2010 said...

If I had to be picked up and suspended by one of those arms, I like the purple one - it seems less threatening somehow. LOL

lost2010 said...
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Capcom said...

I'm sure my nephews will want that too Maven. Let us know if you go to that!

Me too Lost2010, I like the purple one the best, it's like Smokey.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

These Legos are all over, used to be just comic characters. Then Indiana Jones and some I can't think of because my brain is Jell-O. Off-topic, I have a Steve McQueen as Frank Bullitt action figure and just last month got Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike. Now those two would be odd Legomen.

Capcom said...

Yes, the Lego thing is so crazy. I bet there was a time when the Lego CEOs thought that the days for their simple toys were over...then some genius on their team thought of making Lego things for movies and comics, etc. Wow.

Hey, ve a Lego McQueen, Newman, or Brando in one of their best roles would be great. How about a little Brando from The Wild Bunch, heheh. Of course, McQueen would have to be on a motorcycle too, and Newman could have a crutch from "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof". :o) I'm also waiting for a Brady Bunch set, and maybe a Bewitched and I Dream Of Jeannie too.

Welcome back Wayne! :-D

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I would like to see Legos of Richard Kimble, Lt. Gerard, and the One-Armed Man.

Capcom said...

Oh yeah! :-D

Oh, oh, oh! I'd like a Bonanza Lego set, and Hoss would be my favorite!