Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Welcome The Lost Elders Blog"

As we wrap up our Hiatus Blogs for eight weeks, and start watching LOST again, we go back to our regular episode blogs that we love to read and post on. We have a new blog now too with the new season, "The Lost Elders". Be sure to check out the authors' posts (a gaggle of Lost Community contributors!) for Season 4 commentary and information, before and after the eps, for interesting thoughts!

Have fun tonight everyone, as we watch the "VH1 Pop-up Video" (sort of) version of "Through The Looking Glass"; tomorrow's Re-Cap; and of course, Episode 4-01. Can't wait to blog with you all on the flip side of the eps! And thanks SO much to everyone for visiting my first ever attempt at creating anything on the Internet, and gracing it with your comments. It has been lots of fun! :-D Maybe I'll post here once in a while, if I get a big nagging thought about what happens in Season 4, or just to post some of the awesome images I suspect we'll see in the coming shows. Theoretically, the week between episodes could be considered a hiatus of sorts, heheh. But mostly I'll be just working on my two art blogs. Thanks for reading!


Amused2bHere said...

This has been lots of fun, Capcom. Thanks for being part of the Great Hiatus Alleviation!!

Capcom said...

Thank YOU too, friend! :-)