Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Happy Hanukkah Lost Friends"

Hanukkah celebrates the liberation and rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem, after its destruction by foreign forces. Since TPTB have infused Lost with so many spiritual undertones, one wonders if the upcoming trek to "the temple" mentioned in Season 3 will be used to impart more spiritual parallels and inspiration. I hope so, the spiritual aspects have been a nice part of the Lost story since the beginning, and it always brings very thoughtful segments and discussion of the show. The Lostaways and the Others will be engaged in a battle from which they might retreat together to this mysterious temple section of the island. The possibilities of what could happen there are very intriguing on numerous levels, depending on what exactly is there at the site.

Even though I'm a Lutheran, I feel that Christians should celebrate the Jewish holidays too, to remember how the Lord always comes through for us. After all, we were taught all of the Old Testament stories in Sunday school, right? Many of us might be fighting some kind of battle in our lives right now. I pray for everyone to be able to keep the lights of hope burning, to stay strong and faithful, and be blessed by the everlasting oil of peace, faith, love and good health this holiday season. :-)

Note: My image for this post was lifted from this Hanukkah decoration website (of which I am not affiliated, I just used their image):


maven said...

Thanks for the Happy Hanukkah wishes, Capcom. This holiday is also known as the "Festival of Lights" since the little undesecrated oil found in the temple lasted 8 days.
There have been numerous religious/faith undertones to the show besides the main "man of science, man of faith" theme. One wonders what this temple is that the hostiles are making a trek it a place of worship?

capcom said...

I love that part of it too Maven, the Hanukkah lights in the winter night remind me of paintings of night time scenes of Bethlehem. :-)