Friday, November 23, 2007

"Random Quirky Mystery - Part 2"

Apollo bars...we've chased them, cursed them, photographed them, mailed them, and talked about them ad-nauseum. Is there any candy in history with the media mythology of Apollo bars? Who cares. All I hope is to be able to look back and understand why the kids in Dharmatown were encouraged to eat as much of them as they wanted to!

It could be that the candy was just laced with vitamins that "helped build strong bodies twelve ways", like Wonder Bread's retro slogan. There seems to have been a few variations of the Apollo bars, so maybe Annie's version was like a giant chocolate Flintstones vitamin for kids or maybe an early Dharma version of a chocolate energy bar. Perhaps super-candy for super-soldiers? Or, the kids were given bars with questionable additives like from TLE last summer. Not a nice thought, but a very compelling one with many possible implications that we've talked circles around already to no avail till we get more story or game. If they were laced with something to make people more docile and subservient, they should have given Roger Linus a steady diet of them. It might have saved his life if he was nicer to Ben. Or who knows, maybe whatever additive was in the bars reacted with the island's magnetism and made the girls grow up to have a 75 year old uterus and to spawn killer babies?

At any rate, it was kind of strange how TPTB wrote into the script the random comment by Annie to Li'l Ben, that they could eat as many as they like. It kind of jumped out in the conversation and made me think, "Huh? What did she say?" Again, it's either something pertinent from TPTB, or another "gotcha" type red herring. But it's another instance where I would like to be able to look back at that scene some time in the future, and realise why Annie said that to Ben in his flashback.

BTW, thanks again to Dennis who shared two of his Apollo bars with me and my nephews. :-)


sawyer840 said...

nice blog you have here! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I appreciate your comment!
I think the thing behind the why they allow the kids to eat as many as they want is a comparison to bad men's behavior to give candy as bait.
Or the Dharma people are just not capable of to cope with children in anyway. This would borrow a second cliche!

capcom said...

Thanks! :-)

You have some good points there, especially the one about the DIs not being equipt to handle kids properly. Cliches usual come from truth!

memphish said...

It seems like DI had the ability to handle kids as evidenced by the teacher and classes, etc. I'd guess that Apollo Bars are laced with something that makes you cooperative or suggestible. Maybe one of the Missing Moments we'll get is Alpert warning a young Ben not to eat any more of the candy. It's kind of like Hurley and Dave discussing the pills Hurley's doctor was giving him in Santa Rosa.

But it also seems that the Others are incapable of handling kids. They stick them in Room 23. They threaten to kill you if you think about having unprotected sex. And they have to steal single flight attendants to take care of kids they've previously stolen. Maybe the Others have run out of Apollo Bars.

capcom said...

Hey, great points Memphish! I could really imagine Richard saying that to Li'l Ben!

Good idea about a loss of control and Room 23 also.

pgtbeauregard said...


You could be onto something! Does this mean we shouldn't eat the bar sitting in the freezer?

capcom said...

Right, they didn't run out of the normal nutty bars that Kate found, but the soma-laced ones ran out after the Purge maybe. :-)

memphish said...

Maybe our nut-free Apollo bars are pre-purge and the nutty ones are post-purge or vice versa.

capcom said...

Yes. :-) And now that Locke sent out the signal about the Purge entering 77, they won't get any bars at all.