Thursday, September 20, 2007

"The Power Of Peanuts and Stones"

Sometimes I wonder if the ABC programmers could do anything in the future to really mess up Lost before it is allowed to reach it's final season and episode. You know, the way someone seems to have done to TLE last summer. Everything with the ARG was going like gangbusters with the awesome websites, the commercial commitments, and worldwide participation, for the online treasure hunt. Then something happened and before the promised crescendo it just kind of went *phfffft*.

We know that TPTB have just signed a contract with ABC that lays out the plans for the remainder of the show. But what if ABC does something crazy like moving the show around too much? It could even be as simple as cutting TPTB's budget in half. Think about what Fox did to "The Lone Gunmen" for example. Fox placed it in the slot where some national league games were constantly running overtime and pre-empting it, and we never got to see it so of course the show died. Now I'm not saying that Frohike and company were as hot as Lost is, but their popular uber-geek storyline was riding the crest of the X-Files wave at the time, so it was considered the X-Files-2. Not that ABC would be dumb enough to do that, but who knows what craziness they might decide in the boardroom. They're bean-counters after all, not artists.

So the question is...if ABC did do something like this to Lost, what could we send to ABC via snail mail to get their attention? Like what Jericho fans did to restart that show sending in peanuts after its premature cancellation (the genius of fans, I tell ya!). The easy picks could be:

** black and white stones
** one white tennis shoe
** handcuffs
** water bottles
** toy planes
** plastic grenades

We could get plenty of ideas just from the Lostpedia "themes" section, and Lost fans are very creative to say the least. Maybe one of our major blogs, like DarkUFO, could coordinate the battle plan, and the USPS would get deluged with little packages headed for "ABC, LA, California" from all over the world. Sure, I know I'm being worrisome and paranoid and the TPTB of Lost won't let anything happen to their creation now. I'm going to be prepared just in case though, the networks are getting reputations for making too many bad decisions about good shows.


memphish said...

How about sand to bury them alive? That seems to be an effective way to get rid of people you don't like.

capcom said...

Good idea, a bag of sand with a picture of Nikki and Paulo's grave. :o) Oh, you made me think of another one...a plastic spider.

memphish said...

Really we should just beat them all up with Jesus sticks.

Cool_Freeze said...

Maybe we could send them briefcases and when they opened them there would be a recording that screamed WAAAAAAAAALLLTTT!!!!


Lisa said...

Now kids, is this any way to act??? ;-)
(Finally getting a chance to swoop in!)

I do hope nothing like this happens.... but I think you are right to suggest that it might!

I'd suggest something slightly less about tessering them somewhere, or dooming them to a loop until they play the right shows... kinda like pressing a button!

Hope all are well!

capcom said...

See I knew that you all would be very creative with this! :-D

Amused2bHere said...

Buttons. Big, black buttons. Perhaps the "enter" key buttons from junked keyboards.

Lots of them. Yeah, that's it.

lol you all have great imaginations!

capcom said...

Right Amused, a bunch of old Enter or Return key buttons would be awesome. Also, little fake sticks of dynamite -- easy to make with paper towel tubes and a little string and paint. Too bad there is no way to send smoke.

memphish said...

A bunch of stale Dharma beer?

capcom said...

I'll drink to that. :-) Or any empty (for better mailing weight) food stuffs container with a Dharma logo on it too.