Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Moonbase Dharma"

Among the many intricate project stations that the Dharma Initiative seems to have built in its short existence, I wonder if TPTB thought about the D.I. establishing a station on the Earth’s Moon? If the D.I. wanted privacy, the Moon is as private as it gets, even on the side facing the earth. If you could manage to set up shop on the far side, your facilities could be virtually unseen unless satellites circling the moon might catch it. Go underground, as the D.I. is wont to do, and you could be invisible save for whatever topside access hatches and radio equipment might be sticking up.

Imagine that Hanso and Dharma actually existed, as they do in The Lost Experience game and TV series. After the U.S. Apollo project was aborted by politics, the plans and equipment from the final few missions were left with no purpose other than for interesting exhibitions at museums. While Hanso gets the D.I. in operation, he contacts NASA about purchasing all the remaining equipment of the Apollo missions, and then rents a launch pad south of the Cape Kennedy complex at the Air Force launch area. The USAF complex would be far more private and secure (even from the government) than the NASA facilities. After the D.I. begins to launch and set up their moonbase, activities fall into the “business as usual” mode and are minimally monitored by the Air Force as Dharma missions leave from the launch pad on a busy and regular basis. The Moon itself has some very unusual magnetic properties, a favorite pet project of Dharma, that could keep them busy for decades. Not to mention the many applications they could study using the natural elements in the Lunar materials.

Meanwhile, back on Earth the Hanso Foundation and the D.I. are quickly duplicating and building upon NASA Apollo technology, as they set up manufacturing sites and new launch pads on Earth at areas undisclosed to the governments of the world (before
Google-sat-cams, that is). Eventually the D.I. thanks the Air Force for their cooperation (due to Alvar’s copious funding of government coffers) in completing their space experiments, and says that the USAF complex will no longer be needed for any more space missions. Then some time in the 21st Century, a Chinese lunar satellite scanning the desolate terrain for possible lunar mission landing sites, somehow picks up a few stray communication signals from various locations on the Moon that should not be there at all!

Maybe if TPTB create a sequel to LOST, they could crash-land a rocket full of scientists and wealthy space tourists on the Moon, that were only supposed to be circling it on a three hour lunar tour package. Imagine the conflicts between the straight-arrow nerdy scientists and the excessive and spoiled tourists! There could also be some spies on board, to check out the signals that the Chinese satellite intercepted. As to the now compromised moon station, the Dharma Initiative on Earth has failed and fallen, but no one has told the inhabitants of Moonbase-Dharma why their communications have failed to get responses from the D.I. stations on Earth (even though their supply drops are still somehow being delivered in perpetuity, of course!). The Lunar Tour crashes near a moonbase hatch and the occupants seek shelter from the lunar elements. Confused and panicked Dharma-ites prepare to defend their station from the incoming intruders, and the excitement begins!


memphish said...

Well Capcom that is an interesting sequel idea. But what if the Robinson family from Lost in Space found DI Moon Base instead of Gilligan and the Skipper?

I'd have to hope the Magic Box idea worked on the moon as well so that they could get people things too the moon without pesky rocket launches that are more easily detectable on Earth. How would supply drops work? I guess there would have to be that DI supply factory on sight.

And thanks for putting me in your links. I've returned the favor.

capcom said...

I would love to see the Robinson's on the moon! Dr. Smith could be a D.I. spy, sent to infiltrate the family's mission and get them crashed on the moon. And I can see lots of conflict for the plot with hot-head Don getting into arguments with everyone. :o)

Of course I have no idea how the supply drops would work on the moon, but it certainly would be convenient to have The Box around for that purpose! I wish that I had a Box so I could transport myself to the moon.

Thanx Memphish!

martysbaybay said...

Outstanding idea! Better idea than alot of the stuff that passes for a t.v. show.

capcom said...

Thanks Martysbaybay!